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EVE, Brú Chaoimhín,
Cork Street
Dublin 8,

Tel: +353 (0)1 415 6827 (General enquiries)

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What is Slánú?

Slánú is EVE's support and development department.

What does Slánú offer?

In complementing existing services within EVE, Slánú plays a supportive role in facilitating service participants achieve their self-determined goals in the context of a person centred / recovery plan. To this end, the service aims to assist service participants to use and develop personal resources and access community supports. The members of Slánú provide short-term, focused and needs-driven professional interventions to service participants and offer a consultation service to EVE service personnel.

Alongside this Slánú offer professional guidance and support for anyone working in EVE services in relation to standards, programme development, curriculum development, accreditation, certification, quality, corporate image, grants, research and so on. In addition, Slánú is involved in the development of innovative programmes and research initiatives.

Membership of Slánú:

Principal Psychologist (Team Leader) - Tom O'Brien
Senior Psychologist - Greg Stynes
Senior Occupational Therapist - Kristin Wilson
Quality Assurance Manager - Carmel Keenan
Quality Systems Coordinator - Karen Molloy

How is the Slánú team accessed?

The Slánú team is based in Brú Chaoimhín, Cork Street, Dublin 8 and can be accessed by EVE centre personnel, in consultation with service participants. 


Applications for Service?


EVE continually offer a service to individuals who require a service. Please refer to the applications forms required.

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"Everyone's journey of recovery is unique. Each of us must find our own way and no-on can do it for us."
Patricia Deegan.

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