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Phoenix Clubhouse Celebrates 10 year Anniversary

“Celebrating Our Wellnes Now And Into The Future”

Phoenix Clubhouse EVE celebrates ten years with an event themed “Celebrating Our Wellnes Now And Into The Future” on Thursday December 13th 2012.

Members and staff will host this wonderful event with a special guest Doctor Finian Kelly Consultant Psychiatrist,Adelaide and Meath Hospital & Stephen Rice from Shamrock Rovers / FAI devopement officer ,along with attendees from agencies and organisations in the community that have been vital to the success of Phoenix Clubhouse, including; our colleagues from EVE, HSE, the Clondalkin Mental Health Team, the FAI, Social Inclusion Department, SDCC and CPLN to name but a few.

Over the years Phoenix Clubhouse EVE has become a vital service in the Clondalkin area for adults  who have experienced mental health difficulties. Phoenix Clubhouse EVE, a program within the HSE, provides a day service for people to get involved in the day-to-day  running of the Clubhouse. Supports are also offered in employment, education, social welfare and housing.

But it is more than that.....It is a warm and welcoming place, a hive of activity with a positive future focus, helping people have the quality of life they deserve.
Reminising about the early days of Phoenix Clubhouse EVE Centre Manager Des Ward commented: “When I got the opportunity to be involved in the setting up of a clubhouse in Clondalkin, I was over the moon, having worked in Platinum Clubhouse in Newbridge, I was already totally sold on the model of recovery.
“With great support from our regional manager, Raynond Fenton, we established our first building. The Clondlakin Mental health team were paramount in our first referrals, five strong members to help set up the clubhouse, the rest is history!!! This celebration is a proud day for us all in Phoenix.”
Membership is open to anyone who has/had a diagnosis of a mental health difficulty. Whether you have experienced depression, anxiety or other pschyatric illness, a member in Phoenix Clubhouse EVE is made welcome by a group of people with something in common, who are moving forward in their lives, looking after their wellness and doing it with the support of Phoenix Clubhouse EVE.
Staff and members work side-by-side as absolute equals, your diagnosis is not the focus here....The entire person is! A persons’ skills and talents are appreciated. Phoenix Clubhouse EVE supports each person to build their confidance, regain their lives and realise their full potential.
Members in Phoenix Clubhouse EVE come from all walks of life. It is why the place is so rich and diverse. Some members attend every day, working in partnership to run the centre. Others work part-time in employment and attend when possible. There are also members with families, children in school and so on, so they visit the Clubhouse at a time convient to them.
When J. Smith, a member in the club, was asked: “What did the upcoming celebration mean to her?”, she replied: “I’ve been a member for three years now, some of my best friends are members here 10 years, others are new enough, in the last couple of months. We are all equal either way. On my lowest and hardest day, knowing you belong to something and somewhere, the level of understanding there makes all the difference. Staff and members have so much repect for each other, it’s a great place to be able to come to. This celebration of the 10 years of Phoenix Clubouse really celebrates the determination and successes of every person here in Phoenix Clubhouse.”
With the stresses and pressures that many feel at this time of year, with the impact of unemployment and the rest, mental health difficulties are effecting one in four of us. Phoenix Clubhouse EVE is a place where a person who has been diagnosed with a mental health difficulty can be valued, appreciated, supported and become a vital part of the team.
If you or anyone in your family may benefit from the support of Phoenix Clubhouse EVE, contact us today to arrange an appointment to visit and see if the Clubhouse can help you on your personal recovery journey.
Phoenix Clubhouse EVE/HSE, Unit e3, Station Rd, Business Park, Clondalkin, D22. Tel: 01-4670632.
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EVE is a programme within the HSE, whose primary ethos is to provide community based recovery-orientated programmes for adults who experience mental health difficulties, intellectual difficulties, Asperger’s Syndrome, and Physical and Sensory disabilities. We do this through our network of Vocational, Rehabilitative and Clubhouse services in 21 locations across HSE Dublin North East and HSE Dublin Mid-Leinster regions.

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