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Inside the Box

A project by the participants of EVE Tuiscint a centre for individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome

Inside the box is a project exploring the idea of self-portraits. The room is full of white boxes – all identical on the outside. Internally each box encapsulates the individual passions, hopes and dreams, of its creator. How much do our preferences reveal about our essence? Is it possible to share ourselves through our choice and arrangement of personal odds and ornaments? What defines oneself? Is that possible? Seemingly, there are more questions than answers. 


Look for yourself, please, look inside the box…And see.

Grand Opening 22nd January 2013 at 2.00pm
Exchange Gallery – Exchange Street Upper Temple Bar
Dublin 2
Exhibition from 15/1/2013 – 31/1/2013
Open Every Day

Quotes from some participants:

“To me what the box represents is our physical bodies and brains and consciousness and thoughts and emotions and things that makes us happy and things that makes us sad and all of that and to me outside of box is the physical world and spiritual world which we live in. The box is a metaphor for ourselves and the gallery could mean the rest of the world at large”

“I view the work of art as my place in the world and myself as well.”

“I am in metaphorical sense a box on the planet overrun with other boxes, we all have one basic design – we all have two arms, two legs and head … and torso… and we all – basically – look the same, but on the inside there is an infinite amount of difference. You could go through your life looking at these same boxes and just pass them by, paying no attention, saying they are all the same as everyone else, but if you actually stop and look at the box and open it and see what is inside, you may be surprised.”

“The box represents for me an insight into an inner me …”

“I am a new age Pandora!”

Concept by Slavek Kwi. Created by the participants of EVE Tuiscint. Facilitated by the staff of EVE Tuiscint.

With thanks to the management of EVE and to Exchange Gallery.


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