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Phoenix Clubhouse – gets Clondalkin talking for May


Mental Health Awareness Month

Now in its 11th year, Phoenix Clubhouse offers an invaluable support service in the Clondalkin area to adults with mental health difficulties. See Change, theNational Stigma Reduction Partnership and its 70 partner organisations rolled out a hugely successful month long national green ribbon campaign to get people talking openly about mental health problems in May 2013. The men and women of Phoenix Clubhouse have been actively involved in this campaign.

People were asked to wear the green ribbon and support this movement to spark a national conversation about mental health. The aim is to make the month of May every year synonymous with challenging the stigma of mental health.

See Change inspired Phoenix to get out about in the local community and meet with local employers and business people to start the conversation to break down the stigma of mental health. Phoenix Clubhouse certainly played its part!! The support was overwhelming from international companies such as CRH along with local businesses like Kelly Brother’s butchers.

A team of staff and members hit the streets telling the Clondalkin community about the See Change Campaign and the supports available in Phoenix Clubhouse. The response was fantastic from 3 Rock Signs, Serigraf print supplies, Marks and Spenser, Newland Garden Centre, home store and more, Bewley’s Hotel, Green Isle Conference and Leisure Hotel and Liffey Valley Shopping Centre to name but a few.

One of our members stated “You might think it’d be all doom and gloom talking to employers about looking for work but it was fantastic talking to them, they were excited to hear about Phoenix’s employment programme and the opportunities that they can be part of. Businesses can benefit from highly skilled employees with the support of Phoenix Clubhouse. Working with us, the employers are assured of a job well done and the clubhouse gets to support members to get back to work! Everyone we meet is so encouraging and supportive of Phoenix, we are lucky to be in such a great community.”

Phoenix members are supported to return to paid employment. In Particular, Phoenix supports its members in Transitional employment. This month we have been out and about telling perspective employers about the great opportunities for the clubhouse and employers to work together in the future. Jobs that might only be a couple of hours a week are perfect for us to offer transitional employment. Sessional work or sporadic work is all very suitable to Phoenix to give members the opportunity to return to work.

One of Phoenix staff members made the following observation, “This See Change campaign is testament to the fact that talking with people does challenge the stigma of mental health, it breaks down barriers. Because of the See Change campaign phoenix clubhouse and its members will get the chance to get back to work, be part of the local community and make a real difference! We must thank all the business and people that we have met over the month it has been inspirational. It’s really great to help people understand, letting people know we can talk about mental health. There is not a house in the country that is not affected in some way; we all need to start the conversation.”


Now more than ever people in Clondalkin, Tallaght, Rathcoole, Lucan, Newcastle and surrounding areas need to know that Phoenix Clubhouse is here and ready to support people to recover from mental health difficulties. The more people in the community that know about Phoenix Clubhouse the better supports we can offer.


If you or anyone in your family may benefit from the support of Phoenix Clubhouse EVE, contact us today to arrange an appointment to visit and see if the Clubhouse can help you on your personal recovery journey.

Phoenix Clubhouse EVE/HSE, Unit e3, Station Rd, Business Park, Clondalkin, D22. Tel: 01-4670632.


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