EVE Plantmarket come 2nd in the People's Choice Award at Bloom 2011

HSE's EVE Plantmarket exhibited a special garden project and won a Bronze medal at the Bloom festival in the Phoenix Park at the beginning of the month.

In addition to receiving this Bronze award at the festival, EVE Plantmarket have just been advised that their garden came second in the “Peoples Choice Awards” and they were just piped at the post by the winner.

This award is particularly special as it reflects the views of the visitors to the gardens, some 90,000 people, and is consistent with the positive views expressed to EVE Plantmarket during the Bloom festival. The EVE Plantmarket garden, titled 'Thermae Salute - Wellness Recovery' was built in collaboration with FAS.

Tom Rowan (Manager Community Services) was there from FAS to promote the garden along with Minister Kathleen Lynch, Martin Rogan (HSE Assistant National Director for Mental Health), Margaret Webb (EVE General Manager and Mary McEvoy.

What is PASS?

PASS is EVE's professional multi-disciplinary rehabilitative and recovery-oriented support service.

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Clubhouse is an innovative, member led community based model for people with mental health difficulties. Read more


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