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Upstart’s Pop-Up Park

EVE Estuary's Successful Artistic Intervention Proposal 

We would like to announce that two artistic intervention proposals from the EVE Estuary Artists Group, for UpStart‘s Granby Pop-Up Park, have been successfully approved.

UpStart Collaborative is a non-profit voluntary arts collective. Their mission is to highlight the importance of creativity and ingenuity when society is in need of direction and solutions, and to emphasis the value of arts to the public life and community.


UpStart is a non-profit arts collective which aims to put creativity at the centre of public consciousness.

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The park will run from the 22nd August – 22nd September 2013. Installation will take place from 12th- 20th August.  Deconstruction/removal will take place two weeks after the park closes.

Dublin city centre will be transformed this summer 2013 by the work of a creative group called Upstart. Upstart are building an exciting new pop-up park, which aims to showcase the best in Irish design talent by temporarily converting one of the city’s vacant spaces into a thriving visitor garden. Design plans already include a theatre space built by cross-border youth groups, an urban orchard and garden project and an outdoor cinema facility. Upstart invited artists to submit proposals for artistic interventions and environmental park features that will raise the aesthetic profile of the city and advance community engagement and social awareness through collaboration and creativity. Through this call-out, Upstart propose to work with a team of artists to create a series of light, sound and visual shows, which examine the evolving urban space and contribute to the building of community history and identity in an entirely new district.

Granby Park, located on Dominick Street in Dublin’s city centre, will play host to a variety of exhibitions, installations and community events, along with a theatre built from wooden pallets by a cross­-border reconciliation youth group, an educational space, a garden, a children’s play area and an outdoor cinema.

EVE Estuary are very excited about this project and can’t wait to see the finished park.

Estuary's first proposal is titled – ‘Fizzy Flowers’

‘Fizzy Flowers’ will be an installation of 100 brightly coloured flowers on one of the trees/ bushes in Granby Park. These flowers have been made from recycled plastic bottles, many of which are from our Electric Picnic 2012 sculpture titled ‘Finding Ouroboros’.  They are weather proof and durable. We plan on attaching these flowers with the use of cable ties. If there is no tree/ bush suitable we have said that we are open to alternative ideas.


Their second piece is titled ‘Sitting On The Grass’.

‘Sitting On The Grass’ is a grass sculpture. The sculpture consists of two wooden chairs which have real grass growing on the seat area, simple yet very effective. We envisage this piece situated under a tree in the woodland walk area.

The fun, quirky, and organic element of this proposal will awaken peoples creative energies and make them think more about how throw away objects can be re-born. It also acts as a trigger for nostalgic memories of sitting on the grass and smelling cut grass.

To check out updates on progress or read more information about the project please visit Estuary's blog at:



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