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Phoenix Clubhouse Breaking Down Barriers

Social Inclusion Event

Singer, Mary Byrne celebrated with the men and women of Phoenix Clubhouse EVE at a social Inclusion week event on Wednesday, November 13. The Phoenix Team continue to break down barriers in overcoming the stigma of mental health, this time through their hospitality at a fantastic event highlighting the strengths, talents and importance of the Phoenix Clubhouse and it’s members to the Clondalkin and wider South Dublin community.

Guest speakers articulated a positive message for adults with experience of a mental health difficulty, full of possibilities and hope for the future. Mary Byrne took time during her visit to learn about the clubhouse model of recovery. Mary spoke candidly to members about her own experience of depression and passionately about the need for Phoenix Clubhouse to the local community.


Mary Byrne commented “I was really touched by the affection and warmth of all the members at The Phoenix Clubhouse. A service like the one they provide is so badly needed in our community and I pray and hope that all the staff and members at The Phoenix Clubhouse can continue to do their great work for many years to come.”

Social Inclusion week creates an opportunity to celebrate the diverse communities we live in. Phoenix Clubhouse’s place in the community is enriched by the experiences presented by the social inclusion unit in the South Dublin County Council and by the community organizations that were in attendance, who also support Phoenix throughout the year including the FAI, VEC, Employability, SDCC Housing Social Work team, Jigsaw, Beacon of Light Counseling service & the community Gardaí.

The Phoenix Clubhouse EVE community feel it is important to actively educate the community about mental health and make sure people know about Phoenix Clubhouse and the supports available to the community. The reality is we must all mind our mental health, it is part of life. People need to know there is plenty of help and support in the community for people experiencing mental health difficulties, there is no need to feel alone or isolated.


Des Ward commented “Mary Byrne is such a kind, warm and genuine lady, we are honored she came to our Clubhouse. Mary is inspirational to us all, to be where she is today; she is amazing, we are so grateful to her for making the time to come see us”.

The men and women of Phoenix Clubhouse EVE know the reality of living with the challenges of managing our mental health, and by their example they inspire and encourage others to reach their goals, live fulfilling lives, to be positive and hopeful for a bright future.

With the stresses and pressures that many feel at this time of year and with the impact of unemployment, mental health difficulties are affecting one in four of us. Phoenix Clubhouse EVE is a place where a person who has been diagnosed with a mental health difficulty can be valued, appreciated, supported and become a vital part of the team.

If you or anyone in your family might benefit from the support of Phoenix Clubhouse EVE, contact us today to arrange an appointment to visit and see if the clubhouse can help you on your personal recovery journey.

Phoenix Clubhouse EVE, Unit e3, Station Rd, Business Park, Clondalkin, D22. 01-4670632. Email us at or check out the website


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