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EVE Cherryfield supports See Change!

Green Ribbon Campaign.

In May 2014, EVE Cherryfield service users, staff, supporters, friends, students and the wider community will be very actively promoting the Green Ribbon campaign. 

For more information, please check their blog daily at where they will have a schedule of events throughout the month.

Some events asre as follows:

01.05.2014 - In-house Green Ribbon Campaign Awareness Day highlighting the personal responsibility of all service users in delivering a clear message about positive mental health and how we all have a role to play in our communities.

Tuesday 6th May 2014:
EVE Cherryfield linking in with up to 100 pupils and 15 staff in 6th Class St Damian's National School to give out ribbons, and encourage healthy conversations at home, at school and with friends. See:

Wednesday May 14th: 
Ashleaf Shopping Centre, Crumlin, Dublin 12. EVE Cherryfield staff and service users will host a stand in the Ashleaf Shopping Centre for the 2nd year running in partnership with the local Mental Health Association.  Here, Cherryfield will meet and greet local shoppers who pass through this busy central area, engaging people in conversations. They will have a supply of information leaflets on mental health for those who wish to know and understand more. Crumlin Mental Health Association always welcome volunteers from the local community to assist them in their endeavors of promoting positive mental health and general wellbeing.
To find the Shopping Centre go to:

Tuesday May 22nd: EVE Cherryfield staff and service users will host an information stand in the local parish centre café - Morning Glory, courtesy of Ann & Lisa who run this busy community café.  They will be available to meet, greet and chat to people in a relaxed and focused way about the importance of wellbeing and community supports.

Thursday May 29th:
'Insight Session'. EVE Cherryfield regularly host student work experience placement opportunities mainly from BCFE & IT Tallaght.  However, over the years the demand has increased and well exceeds their capacity to facilitate everyone who wishes to access this learning opportunity.  In order to bridge this gap, and to provide some 'insight' into the work they do, a group of service users collaborated in the Summer of 2013 to create an interactive learning opportunity which they could deliver in colleges and further afield to assist people in learning about the reality of the Recovery oriented day service they have developed over the years. This May, Cherryfield are extending an invitation to interested parties to participate in this session.  It may be of interest to individuals who are working professionally in the social care or nursing field, students, general public with an interest in learning more about mental health and wellbeing.

Registration is required as places are limited to 60 people. The session lasts approximately 3 hours, is FREE OF CHARGE and will include a light refreshment of tea or coffee or juice at break time. All Cherryfield asks is that you come with an open mind, a listening ear, and respectfully support the individuals who volunteer their personal experiences on the day.
To register your attendance, please email or phone Kelley on 014500029 Mon - Fri 8.30-3pm.

PLUS, spilling over into June.....

June 3rd & 5th: 

Health & Safety Week Events
As part of Cherryfield's focus on Health & Safety, they will have a session dedicated to the protection of mental health which is legislated for, and examining how we can all extend to a greater awareness of our responsibilities in the workplace from a psycho-social perspective.  


Crumlin Community Gardaí will be assisting Cherryfield in their Safety initiative specifically in relation to personal safety at home as well as out & about, and in the workplace.

See links: &

External links that have agreed to adopt the Green Ribbon:

Cherryfield have a wonderful network of people who are actively supporting the Green Ribbon Campaign as a result of interaction with their service:

Educational Institutions:

ITallaght - Contact person Margaret Fingleton
BCFE (Ballyfermot College of Further Education) - Contact person Declan Rankin
Athlone IT contact person Teresa Brown
All Hallows' College 
www.allhallows,ie - Contact Person Kelley Bermingham, O'Donnell House

During the Green Ribbon Campaign all of the above agencies are targeting students during the stressful exam period, reminding people to look after their self care and to watch out for eachother. Initiated by students, supported by staff, specifically the Social Care Programme Co-ordinators.

Local resident and community activist Molly O'Callaghan has undertaken to spread the word in Palmerstown, Dublin 20

Crumlin branch of the Mental Health Association

Members of the current no.1 band The Riptide Movement are supporting the initiative - please watch their video for the hit song 'It All Works Out' and watch their facebook page for the photos of them sporting the Green Ribbons!

BIG thanks to Gar, Mal, John & Ger!! Check out their album

Irish Tai Chi Chuan Association & QCT (Quantum Coherence Therapy) Practitioners and Students will be promoting the Green Ribbon at their classes, seminars and sessions throughout May. Contacts: Stuart Breen, Jane Bailey, Charles Thackaberry. See for more information

DCC (Dublin City Council) - Civic Offices: Carl O'Bruacháin will be flying the flag for the Green Ribbon campaign with colleagues and friends.

Oscar McLennan, Writer. Performer. Monologuist. Live Art & Video Artist. Instigator of Live Art Events & Workshops. Now performing in Project Arts Theatre 

"Kiss of the Chicken King"....a stunning portrayal of a man living in isolation, an artistic portrayal bringing loneliness and fear to a wider audience through artistic and musical interpretation. Tragically funny. Oscar has adopted the Green Ribbon Campaign as something he feels is important as his works can trigger an awareness of the people living in our midst, and inspire people to be more aware of individuals living this stark reality. See

Tallaght Community Arts and the DoubleTAKE Studio are supporting the Green Ribbon Campaign.  See: Contact Sharon Devlin

Crumlin Community Gardaí are ongoing activists and supporters of EVE Cherryfield and by extension, of the Green Ribbon Campaign.


Della Hickey - Drama & Community Dance Facilitator will be wearing her ribbon and sharing the message, breaking down stigma in relation to mental health and wellbeing in her studio classes around the Dublin 8, 10 & 12 areas and in her wider community.


For more information on events in the wider community please check: or


There are facebook pages for these site as well:

Green Ribbon on Facebook  See Change on Facebook


Please think about what YOU can do to support this campaign.


Thank you


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