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Greeen Ribbon Month

Today is See Changes' flagship day for their Green Ribbon campaign - #TimeToTalk day. The focus behind the day is to encourage people in Ireland to be more open when it comes to mental health.

This could mean chatting about your problems over a cuppa, or asking someone about theirs on social media - See Change want to generate conversations across the country about mental health. They hope to spread this across schools, towns, workplaces and the internet today in a bid to show that openness is the answer.

To showcase this campaign we are aking everyone do the following:

  1. Share the images abovel on your social media outlets.

  2. Encourage your networks to share and promote Green Ribbon twibbon -

  3. Promote See Changes' Thunder clap to over 500 people signed up. They have until 6pm tomorrow to reach that target -

  4. Maxmise the supporter pack - 

  5. Don't be afraid to show off fun ways to promote the conversation about mental health like this for an example: 

  6. Don't forget to use #TimetoTalk


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