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It’s Time to Talk says Phoenix Clubhouse!!

Mental Health Awareness

Recently relocated to 96 Monastery Road Phoenix Clubhouse, now in a central location in the heart of Clondalkin, is encouraged and delighted to get actively involved in the See Change campaign this May 2014 with a radio show and community promotion, they want everyone to know it’s time to talk about Mental Health!!!

Phoenix Clubhouse members and staff partnered up with See Change, West Dublin Access Radio and Dunnes Stores for this month’s green ribbon mental health awareness campaign at a fantastic community event held today, Tuesday 20th May at 11 o’clock.

Phoenix Members hosted a community radio show with the support of west Dublin access radio. The one hour outside broadcast which was broadcast live from Phoenix Clubhouse, Monastery Road highlighted special guest interviews with individuals in the community that are fundamental to supporting Phoenix over the last twelve years!


Laura McLernon, staff member, commented “Mental health is one piece of a jigsaw puzzle that makes up a person, we need hope, inspiration, achievement, wellness and wellbeing to make up the rest. The people interviewed on the “Time to Talk” radio show are pivotal to supporting phoenix members to achieve their goals!!”

See Change, the National Stigma Reduction Partnership, and their 90 partner organisations are rolling out a month long national Green Ribbon Campaign to get people talking openly about mental health problems in May 2014. For more information, please visit

Experiencing a mental health problem is simply part and parcel of the ups and downs of life and can happen to any of us, but the silence around mental health stops people seeking help and makes the experience of being unwell much harder. It doesn’t have to be this way (Ref:

The chances are that you or someone you know will, go through a tough time at some point so why not talk about it and learn how to support each other? (Ref:

"This event has been a super collaboration between many individuals and organisations that are vital to the success of Phoenix Clubhouse, the members in Phoenix are very proud of today’s broadcast and it has been a real honour to host our guests today” stated Niamh Coady, Phoenix staff member.

Members and staff of Phoenix Clubhouse, along with WDAR volunteers wre outside Dunnes Stores and the Mill Centre today (20th May) handing out Green Ribbons......"The response was superb, it was great seeing everyone proudly wearing their green ribbons" stated one member.

If you or any of your family would benefit from becoming a member in Phoenix Clubhouse, contact us today on 086-3062488, or by email or check out


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