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Come and Talk...

Rainbow Clubhouse to host open day.

Rainbow Clubhouse, EVE, opened in March 2011. As a relatively new Clubhouse Rainbow feels “we have moved mountains and have already achieved so many small successes that we are truly on the road to greatness”. To showcase their service and to talk about Clubhouse Rainbow and mental health in line with Green Ribbon Month they will be hosting an opening morning on Monday 26th May from 12pm until 2pm. 

Rainbow Clubhouse members and staff collaborated to create their pop up garden themed ‘Yellow Brick Road’. They will have a BBQ onsite with live music and willl facilitate a ‘Come talk to us…’ session which will inform all of their visitors about Rainbow Clubhouse.


“The opportunity we will have hosing this event will be a fantastic experience - personally, artistically, socially, and educationally for everyone involved,” said Alice Dodrill, Centre Manager. Alice added: “I would like to thank everyone involved in this project for all their hard work so far.”

For those who have not yet heard about Rainbow Clubhouse, they are a recovery-orientated community, based in Cherry Orchard Campus. They welcome anyone with a history of Mental Health difficulties. In Rainbow, everyone works together, to support and encourage one another on their own recovery journeys. In clubhouse, members and staff are equal and work side by side to carry out the tasks of the clubhouse. They place a large emphasis on social interaction and are very active within the Community. They have a positive approach to mental health and focus on the strengths and abilities of their members.


Clubhouse offers many things; friendship, fun, employment & education opportunities to all members. Whatever your goal might be; clubhouse will help, support and encourage you in achieving this.

To learn more about Rainbow you can view the Rainbow blog at: or their website on


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