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New Horizon's Green Ribbon Campaign

May 2014

Preparations for New Horizon's green ribbon campaign started off in March, for the actual Green Ribbon Campaign which is the whole month of May. The idea of their Green Ribbon Campaign was to get 200 A3 size envelopes and put in a tea-bag, a coffee sachet, some biscuits and a knitted green ribbon. They ran a weekly knitting group in New Horizon and the group took on the difficult task of knitting all the ribbons. They also put in some information on what Mental Health is all about – hoping to create awareness. New Horizon's idea was to get people talking about the subject while enjoying a cuppa. It was a real team effort, everybody was involved at some point or another and they are really proud of the finished envelopes.

On Thursday 22nd May 2014, New Horizon participants and staff handed the envelopes out to the public, they worked from three locations – the first was The Square in tallaght, the second was in Kilnamanagh Shopping Centre and the third was in Tallaght Hospital. When they went to The Square on Thursday morning the participants and staff handed out 100 envelopes and got a really good reception from the public. Mid-morning they headed to Dunnes in Kilnamanagh which was a much quieter shopping centre but they still gave out 50 envelopes (in no time!). Finally in the afternoon they headed to Tallaght Hospital with the final 50 envelopes which again were gone in minutes.

It was great to see so many people react so positively to the envelopes and to hear them say it was a very good idea for such an amazing cause. All in all it was a great project that they all enjoyed and they were all so very proud of. New Horizon felt great being able to take part in such a positive cause.

They guys ended this special day by going to Mc Donald’s in the afternoon and having “a cuppa and a chat” just like what they were encouraging the public to do. All the participants and staff talked about the project, mental health, and wondered how many people, through their campaign were doing the very same thing at that time. 


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