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Special Olympics Triumph!

Jonathan takes home the Gold

A massive congratulations to Jonathan, a member in Platinum Clubhouse. Jonathan took part in the Special Olympics Games held in Limerick from Thursday 12th June unitil 15th June.

Jonathan took part in the badminton singles, where he excelled and won gold. He also took part in the badminton doubles, where he also won gold. All the members in Platinum Clubhouse, as well as EVE, are very proud of Jonathan and send him a massive congratulations...well deserved!!

1,500 Special Olympics athletes from the 4 corners of Ireland participated in 14 sports competitions, held in various venues throughout Limerick and the surrounding areas.

To learn more about Platinum Clubhouse follow their blog at or visit them on You can also contact them by email on or call them to arrnage a visit on (045) 433229.

To learn more about the special olympic visit their webpage on


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