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Conaí Clubhouse Open Day


Conaí Clubhouse were absolutely thrilled with the trun out for their open day. Family, friends, local clinical teams and members of their advisory baord turned up to support them. Conaí woudl like to take this opportunity to thank one and all for their support o nthe day and for their continued support with the service.



Conaí used the word 'Smile' as thier theme and they had a 'Smile Tree' for people to pin up what makes them smile. There were some lovely messages on the tree, some put down names of loved ones, activities, occasions, interests, foods and servives amoung the things that made them smile.



The day was a total success and members were very proud to welcome everyone into their clubhouse, but don't forget you are always welcome, the door is always open....

To view all the photos of the day plese click here or go to

Always remember - Don't forget to SMILE!



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