EVE Goirtín

Upcomming Art Exhibition

EVE Goirtín invite you to an exhibition of art by Goirtín's artists in the new DIT Campus. The exhibition will run from Monday 23rd March up to and including Friday 27th March, with a special launch day on Wedneday 25th March from 11am unitl 2pm.

The Goirtín team would love to see you all there. It is also a nice chance to see the impressive new campus and beautifully renovated buildings.

If you are thinking of attending just let the team know by calling (01) 838 0952 or emailing them on goirtin@eve.ie to ensure that they have enough refreshments on site!

Please share this information with anyone whom you think might be interested. The team would love to see you there.

To keep updated on Goirtín and to see what activities they offer, follow them on their blog at http://goirtineve.wordpress.com.



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