St. Patrick Day Parade Win

EVE Larine Come First!

EVE Larine worked really hard on this years 2015 St Patrick's Day Parade. They were so lucky this year to have Genil, St. Raphael's and Phoenix Clubhouse join them in the making of all the creative pieces for the event and taking part in the event itself.

Larine had a great turn out for the St. Patrick's Day parade and they had a great day picking up first place along the way!

Keep an eye to their Facebook Fan Page in the coming month, their media group will be making a film about the day and how they got there.

The staff in Larine said that they have to say a 'big thank you' to the Re-Create who supplied them with the majority of their materials. Check them out it is a great facility.

To learn more about EVE Larine visit their Blog page for more updates, information and photos!


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