Freeze- Part 2!

We Need Your Help......

The participants from EVE services are taking part in an exciting 'Flash Mob' event for the Green Ribbon Campaign on Friday 29th May which aims to break down stigma by raising awareness and starting conversations about mental health.

For those of you unfamiliar with the 'flash mob' concept, the main focal point of the performance will be a group of, hopefully, 100+ EVE participants/members freezing still (like statues) amidst the hectic city centre environment of Dublin for five minutes. This period of time is symbolic and will allow people to take time out to reflect on and be mindful of their own mental health and mental health in general.

Music will be used as a way to cue participants to freeze at the exact same time and we will be joined by a surprise guest choir to help us on the day. Click here for an example of what the organising team are hoping to emulate!!

We are calling out for participants/members from other services to take the bigger the group, the greater the impact!

The event will take place on Friday 29th May at Henry Street at 12 noon, but those involved are asked to meet at 11.30am to do a quick run through of the event.

Please advise all taking part that the event will be filmed and put out on social media platforms....therefore permissions of consent will be a pre-requisite for participating.

If you are interested just get in touch with Edel Hurley or Linda Ansley in Saol Clubhouse or phone (01) 8307455 and they will give you more details.

The 'Flash Mob' will be an exciting event for EVE....we hope that everyone enjoys the event and will generate somme fantiastic reactions and conversations about positive mental health.

For more information on Saol Clubhouse pelase visit their blog page by clicking on the link in blue.


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