Freeze Mob for Green Ribbon

EVE's Frist Take!

EVE centres – Estuary, Tuiscint, Cherryfield, Saol, Suaimhneas,  Ardnua, Conai, Thomas Court and  Castleview went into town for the Flash Mob on Friday 8th May 2015. The idea behind the flash mob was to promote and create an event for the green ribbon campaign.  

The group went to the top of Grafton Street and walked along South Kings Street. The High Hopes choir joined the group on the day and they sang two songs ‘High Hopes (kodaline) and ‘Lean on me’. The choir started to sing at Twelve ‘O Clock which was everyone's cue to freeze. Everyone froze for the full song (about 3 minutes or so), everyone all stood still like statues with the regular shoppers and tourist moving in-between them wondering ‘what is going on here?’.

 flash mob2015 (4)

When the choir finished the Flash mobbers started to move again. The group went up Grafton Street and St. Stephens Green handing out Green Ribbons to the general public. We really hope that our performance helped to spread the Green Ribbon Campaign’s message for promoting open conversation about mental health and challenging the stigma of mental health problems.

To view the video just click on the image below:

Some of the participants thoughts on the Freeze Mob activity are highlighted below:

“When the choir started to sing that was our cue to freeze like statues. We practiced our freeze frame poses with Rachel all week. It was great fun to go into town and take apart in this.” – Chris

“I enjoyed being a part of this performance. We had a great day even though it was raining. I’d love to do something like this again.”
– Pauline

“I enjoyed every minute of it! I thought that the idea was very unusual. The bit of rain, that we had didn’t dampen our spirits. The other centres done really well too.”
– Maureen

“I thought that it was absolutely brilliant!!!” – Suzanne


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