Freeze Mob

Part Two

On Friday the 29th of May at 12pm, for 3 minutes only people saw a rare sight…..everyone on Henry Street came to a standstill….frozen, you might say!  Click here to see the video of the event.

Why?....Well, this three minute period of time was symbolic and allowed people take time out to reflect and be mindful of their own mental health. EVE/HSE wanted to provide a platform for people to take time out to reflect on and be mindful of their own mental health….and to start conversations about mental health in general. The High Hopes choir sang beautifully as Henry Street halted time in honour of the green Ribbon Campaign.

Check out the Dublin Northside Poeple paper to read what they tought of the event or click on the image below:


This is the second flash freeze we have had for green ribbon this month. The first of which was on May 8th at South Kings Street.

Flash Mob South Kings Street is an extract of the event from the first event. This can also be found on

The “flash mob” was an exciting event for EVE participants, with one participant commenting: “I enjoyed every minute of it! I thought that the idea was very unusual. The other centres did really well too.”

The Green Ribbon annual campaign which is in its third year, aims to break down stigma by raising awareness and starting conversations about mental health difficulties.  Recovery and support is very close to the hearts of the event organisers, EVE/HSE participants, staff and supporters, who provide essential community-based recovery-orientated services for people with mental health difficulties, Intellectual disabilities and Asperger Syndrome. 


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