Phoenix Clubhouse

Celebrating their wellness wishes and launching their smoke free Clubhouse campus

Phoenix Clubhouse campus will become a smoke-free zone today (1st July 2015). From this date forward, smoking will not be permitted anywhere on the clubhouse grounds, i.e. entrances, doorways, walkways, internal roads, bus shelters, car parks, cars, bicycle shelters and so on. In tandem with this initiative staff are required to refrain from smoking during working hours, both on and off campus.


The introduction of this new policy was officially launched today by the Clubhouse staff and members together at a special wellness celebration hosted in Phoenix Clubhouse wellness garden. As part of the day they hope to inspire and encourage healthy choices that will assist us all with our wellness. They will do this with great company, good food, speakers and the event will allow everyone to share useful information which was provided by the RSA, Health promotion unit, HSE, EVE, and the Dental Health Foundation, The Irish Heart foundation, Mental Health Ireland and Citizens Information to name but a few. Their hope is, that a smoke free campus will further assist them achieve this goal!

EVE senior management have been liaising with them about how best to proceed, with advice on signage and information they need to roll it out effectively. The Maintenance team have painted their blue line at the gate to denote a smoke free campus. The health promotion unit have been very helpful and we have consulted regularly with Geraldine Cully, Health Promotion Officer, Health Promotion & Improvement, Health & Wellbeing Division. The policy, which will apply to all staff, members, visitors, contractors and anyone who enters the Clubhouse building / grounds, will ensure a healthier, safer and cleaner environment for all and better health outcomes for the Clubhouse community.

Phoenix Clubhouse EVE, a programme within the HSE, provides a day service for people to get involved in the day-to-day running of the Clubhouse. Supports are also offered in employment, education, social welfare and housing. But it is more than that… It is a warm and welcoming place, a hive of activity with a positive future focus, helping people have the quality of life they deserve. Staff and members work side-by-side as equals; your diagnosis is not the focus here, the entire person is. A person’s skills and talents are appreciated. Phoenix Clubhouse EVE supports each person to build their confidence, regain their lives and realise their full potential. Members in Phoenix Clubhouse EVE come from all walks of life. It is why the place is so rich and diverse. Some members attend every day, working in partnership to run the centre. Others work part-time in employment and attend when possible. There are also members with families, children in school and so on, so they visit the Clubhouse at a time convenient to them. With the stresses and pressures that many feel with the impact of unemployment and the rest, mental health difficulties are affecting one in four of us. Phoenix Clubhouse EVE is a place where a person who had been diagnosed with a mental health difficulty can be valued, appreciated.

If you, or any of your family or friends would benefit from the support of Phoenix Clubhouse contact them to today at or call 01-4670632 and arrange to visit us in 96 Monastery Road, Clondalkin, Dublin 22.


For Help to QUIT Smoking:

Call the National Smokers’ Quitline 1850 201 203      



Contact your local HSE smoking cessation counsellor

Talk to your GP, Pharmacist or Dentist


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