Eircode Launch

Phoenix Clubhouse share information about their Ericode

Phoenix Clubhouse were joined by community champion Collette Gallagher to share with information about our new Eircode. Information sessions are available in the community to assist people in understanding the introduction of and purpose of Eircode.

Eircode, the new postcode system for Ireland, will be launched today, July 14th 2015.

There are numerous benefits of introducing Eircode. Not only will it make the delivery of services and goods to households easier, but in the case of a medical emergency, being able to accurately and quickly identify an address can save valuable minutes.

Local organisations in Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown are helping to spread the word about the benefits. If you know someone who you think could do with some help, including elderly family members or neighbours, please get in touch with South Dublin Volunteer Centre, brigid@volunteersouthdublin.ie.


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