Clubhouse International Conference

EVE Clubhouse

The Irish clubhouses due to financial constraints were unable to send representatives to the International Conference in Denver U.S.A. So it was decided to put together a video to represent what the Irish Clubhouses had to offer to the International Clubhouse Community. Suaimhneas and Phoenix Clubhouse’s collaborated in the making of the video with Gemma and Laura doing the technical end of the presentation which was a lot of hard work and effort to get it up to speed. Then several members of different clubhouse’s took part in presenting the video which turned out very well so we decided to modify it to use in different presentations.

The EVE Clubhosue Forum would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who got involved in the making of the clubhouse video, they are excited to be able to share our story!

To view the Clubhouse story in our members words, Click the link -



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