Rainbow Clubhouse & Green Ribbon Month

Mental Health Awareness

Rainbow Clubhouse have developed an online video campaign to mark Green Ribbon month 2016. Inspiring messages were gathered from their members through a focus group on challenging stigma. Members used a flip chart to capture messages and quotes. They researched ways of producing a short film that could effectively get a strong message across, this is where they found the inspiration of using a medical text book superseded by personal messages. The members felt that this strongly portrayed the human aspect of text book illnesses, seeing the person and not the patient. Each inspirational caption is a quote from the members in Rainbow Clubhouse on their thoughts and experiences of their recovery journey. 

Most of the messages were direct quotes from the members and some were inspirational quotes which the members chose. They wanted to use colourful post-it’s to draw the viewers’ attention away from the text book and on to the message.

Choosing the music for the campaign was a challenge, the members decided on an instrumental as they didn’t want lyrics to take away from the message they were conveying. After trying various melodies they eventually settled on Elbows, ‘One Day Like This’, as it was felt the music was a good fit and the song was appropriate to the project.

As a Clubhouse, Rainbow are dedicated to getting people talking about mental health in a positive light and by launching this campaign their hope is to reach out to people not only in their Clubhouse but in the wider community.

Rainbow Clubhouse Members want to stop the stigma associated with mental health issues, so please help to start the revolution by sharing this film. 


Instrumental - Elbow, 'One day like this'

"Be the change you wish to see in the world".
Mahatma Ghandi




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