EVE's Flash Freeze

Let's start the conversation!

The participants from EVE services are taking part in an exciting “flash mob” event for the Green Ribbon Campaign on May 20th. The annual campaign, in its fourth year, aims to break down stigma by raising awareness and starting conversations about mental health difficulties. 

For those of you unfamiliar with the “flash mob” concept the main focal point of the performance will be a group of hopefully 100+ EVE participants linking arms amidst busy city centre environment. This action is symbolic of the chain of support needed to maintain wellbeing. The performance aims to highlight the importance of the individual links which strengthen this chain of support. Also, this allow people to take time out to reflect on and be mindful of their own mental health. 

We will be joined on the day by The High Hopes choir. The choir will provide music as a way to cue participants to link at the exact same time.

If you are interested in taking part in the Flash mob event, just get in touch with Saol Clubhouse on 01-8307455 for more details.  Alternatively, you can make contact by e-mail on saolclubhouse@eve.ie.

Everyone will meet at the doors to the Jervis Centre at 11:30am on Friday 20th May to run through the event.  

To learn more about Saol Clubhouse visit their blog
page - http://www.saolclubhouse.wordpress.com 


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