Cherryfield Green Ribbon Event 

Ashleaf Shopping Centre Event

EVE Cherryfield held an event on Thursday 19th May in the Ashleaf shopping centre as part of Green Ribbon month. Staff and service users had a table in a central location and fanned out, handing out Green Ribbons and starting conversations about mental health issues.


We were joined on the day by Emma from the Dublin 12 Taskforce and Rachael from ARC (Addiction Response Crumlin) who are members of the Dublin 12 Community Mental Health Forum with EVE Cherryfield, which aims to promote positive mental health and advance recovery in the local community through a collaborative approach.

Many conversations were started with members of the public about mental health, fighting stigma and raising awareness. Many people shared their own stories with Cherryfield and the feedback they received was very positive.

Thanks to all who took part on the day!

Many thanks to the Ashleaf Shopping Centre for allowing Cherryfield facilitate their event and taking part in the Green Ribbon Campaign. To learn more about the Ashleaf Shopping Centre pelase click on the image below. 


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