Freeze Mob

Green Ribbon 

"On the 20th of May all EVE Services went to Dublin City Centre. We in Saol Clubhouse met in Mc Donald’s in O’ Connell Street at 10:30am. One of the key workers got us all coffee. We stayed there till everyone arrived.  At 11:30 we all went down to Henry Street at the Iliac centre. We were meeting with some friends we knew from the EVE centres."

"At 12:00 O’ Clock the link mob took place, we all stood in a circle linking arms and the High Hopes Choir stood in the middle. There were over 100 people. The idea of linking arms was to symbolise the importance of a support network in staying well.  The High Hopes sang two songs; ‘Something Inside so Strong’ and Elbow’s 'One Fine Day’. During the songs we all linked hands. We also all had our green ribbon on us.  We got a great reaction from the public.  When the High Hopes choir stopped singing some of us from the centres gave out green ribbons to the passing public. When it was all done we went our separate ways."
 By Dominic, Saol Clubhouse 

It was a good day for green ribbon to prioritise the importance that everybody suffers mental health issues and has to work at maintaining wellbeing. To view a video of the event, click here or the image below.



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