Suaimhneas Clubhouse, EVE 

Moved to temporary address

Recently Suaimhneas Clubhouse were unfortunate enough to experience a roof leak in their usual premises in Newtown Industrial Estate. Suaimhneas had to vacate the premises and temporarily set up base in Parnell’s G.A.A Club.  Suaimhneas were in Parnell’s for a couple of months and were really grateful that the staff were so welcoming and facilitated them in any way possible. Even though Suaimhneas didn’t have access to their usual facilities they managed to keep things as normal as possible for some time but it wasn’t before long Suaimhneas realised they required a more suitable premises that could facilitate their work-ordered day.

Suaimhneas have now moved to The Darndale Belcamp Village Centre located on The Link Road in Darndale. Here they continue to fly the flag of Suaimhneas Clubhouse and provide a structured and organised work-ordered day.  Suaimhneas would like to thank the staff of The Darndale Belcamp Village Centre for giving them such a warm welcome and making them feel part of their community. Suaimhneas are delighted to share a building with other organisations such as ’Golden Years’ and ’Preparing for Life’ – The centre offers a wide range of services which are listed on their website at

Please keep an eye on their Facebook page @suaimhneasclubhouse and their Blog - for updates!

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