St. Anne's Rose Festival 2016 - Allotment Video

Suaimhneas Clubhouse

For this year’s annual St. Anne's Park Rose Festival, Suaimhneas were asked to take part in a video production by Near TV profiling the walled allotments and its gardeners. Suaimhneas were asked to speak about the allotment, what it means to them and how it started out... Suaimhneas were also joined by other gardeners from the allotment community. The stars of the show are Suaimhneas members 'Aideen' and 'John' who spoke beautifully and passionately about what the allotment facilities mean to them.

We really hope you enjoy the video as much as we did! To view click on the image or the link below.

This programme was produced with the support of Dublin City Council and funded through the BAI Sound and Vision Scheme.


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