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Bray Area Partnership Disability Network Meeting 

Cairdeas Clubhouse

Members from Cairdeas Clubhouse recently attended a meeting of the newly renamed Bray Area Partnership Disability Network, at Villa Pacis in the Queen of Peace Church.

The purpose of this meeting was to ascertain the effectiveness of the above group and see what plans have been implemented. The Committee Members were outlining how their plans went and trying to identify ways to improve the service.

Certain issues were raised, such as, what is the best way to get money? Do the service users have an effective voice? Is there sufficient support for the special needs parents? The name of the organisation and the wording of the mission statement was reviewed to ascertain if it could be made clearer. 

BAP Disability Network held a review session to explore how the group can be most effective in its aim to “promote full and equal participation of people with disabilities in the community”.

The group has a great history of actions, particularly the development of the Disability Bray website (, research into local service gaps, disability awareness talks in local school led by young people with disabilities, and a novel ‘speed lobby’ of General Election candidates by people with disabilities, who asked candidates what they would do on a range of issues if they were elected.


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