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Team Ireland’s Winter World Games

Highlights & Homecoming Celebrations

EVE Estuary athletes are home from their Austrian adventure at the Special Olympics Winter World Games 2017.


Paddy Tunstead, Anthony Murray and Mathew Colgon themselves and EVE Estuary proud in their floorball matches. To show our appreciation of their sporting abilities, and how well they represented EVE Estuary, Linda Nolan (Centre Manager), Emma Tierney (Sports Instructor) and all the staff threw them a homecoming party. We are so happy that they had so much fun! 

Matthew Colgan took loads of photographs and was kind enough to share them with us.

The guys returned home to great celebrations and media attention.


 “The whole experience was amazing.  People were happy, sad, laughing and crying, all sorts of emotions.  I just loved it all, the whole thing and I would go again tomorrow if I could.”  Mathew Colgon

“Being part of Team Ireland was a once in a lifetime experience.  I especially enjoyed the matches we played. I was buzzing during the games!  The highlight for we was winning our game against Argentina.” Paddy Tunstead

“For me the highlight of the trip was taking part in the matches. Win, lose or draw, I was happy to be part of the team.  I made lots of new friends, saw new places, went to discos and had so much fun. I am so happy that I was part of team Ireland.” Anthony Murray  


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