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Garden Party

Cairdes Clubhouse

Cairdeas Clubhouse hosted a Garden Party in celebration of all the achievements and endeavours by members throughout the years and creating something valuable and unique in the community at Ellerslie House Allotment.

It all started with a Summer Festive idea and soon escalated into a creative tirade of ‘Art Decoration’, ‘Creative Exploration’ and magical food prep of Summer Delights! Since Green Ribbon Coffee Morning at Cairdeas they continue to model themselves on the ‘recovery’ process and showcasing the garden has been the top of their agenda.


The Garden Allotment is located at Ellerslie House, Sidmonton Road, Bray and is funded by KWETB. Since the beginning in 2012 Members (Including staff) have redesigned and worked hard in the garden and its potential has been endless. The essence and imagination can be captured when visiting the site. Enriched with vegetables including Onions, Carrots, Kale, Courgettes, Potatoes (etc.) Cairdeas Garden thrives.

In preparation for the party Cairdeas Clubhouse purchased new wooden seating, which with a lick of oil, shun gorgeously in the sun! Also they purchased a new lawn mower adding to the spice! There was a lot of ingenuity among ‘The Art Group’, ‘Exploring Creativity (Exploring Creativity at Cairdeas), and ‘Creative Writing’, programmes popular at the Clubhouse. Members are always encouraged to visit the allotment and get digging twice weekly but coming up to the party, they were very busy every day.

The event kicked off at 12pm on Friday August 11th. Guests including ‘Michelle’ (BAP), (Lincara) and Greystones Community Health. There was a surge in excitement as Clubhouse Member Eoin set the atmosphere alive with his music system. Their in-house Chef Cyrille was on site serving delicious mini quiches, carrot cake (and a lot more) after their Manager ‘Ronan’ delivered the ‘Welcoming Speech’. Guests were welcomed and engaged in a tour by Staff and Members. It was a bucket of laughs and smiles and an incredible atmosphere.

After wrapping the event members gathered at Martello Bray for ‘after-party’ snacks. It was a hugely successful and incredible event, a beautiful sunny day and ‘electric’ atmosphere.

Many thanks to ‘Kildare and Wicklow Education and Training Board‘ for funding Kristin (Garden Facilitator).  Celine from ‘See Change‘  for the Sunflower gifts! Guests on the day included Michelle from Bray Area Partnership, Ellen (CPN, Greystones Community Health Team), Niamh from the Lincara team, Margaret Webb (HSE-EVE), Charles Searson (HSE Mental Health Engagement), Paula from Employability, Maureen our art instructor and Linda, Rossa and Mary Savage from the Cairdeas Advisory Board.

For more information on all Cairdeas activities please keep an eye out on their Blog and Facebook Page which are updated daily.

This post was written by Heidi, Cairdeas Member.


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