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From out of Hope to Home

Terry’s Speech on moving to Independent Living

Terry, an EVE Thomas Court participant, recently gave a speech in Dublin Institute of Technology about moving into his own apartment. The congregation included Minister for Housing, Eoghan Murphy and former Minister for Mental Health and Older People, Helen McEntee. Also present were CEO and Chairperson of Hail Housing and other dignitaries.


After 20 years spent in institutions, Terry’s efforts and the help of others to get his own place has been successful with Hail Housing. In his speech Terry was able to thank the different institutions for helping to make 20 years feel like 4 months. Terry maintains he has the best of care in Thomas Court, where I have attended since 2002. With the great support and help I have received his mental health team, Hails Housing and Thomas Court, he has been able to make great progress with his life.


Terry hopes to maintain positive mental and physical health as well as his current living standards. Terry has learned to have positive relationships with people in authority. He has learned to manage his domestic affairs such as cooking, cleaning and hygiene. The speech Terry gave to the ministers made him proud of how far he has come in life. “I learned of other people’s stories and I learned that 20 years is nothing when you have the right support”.

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