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What an award winning allotment looks like!

Suaimhneas Clubhouse

On Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of July, St Anne’s Park played host to the Dublin City Rose Festival. Featuring the largest Rose Garden in Ireland, the festival aimed to promote the history of the rose garden. Sunday 22nd July also marked the St. Anne’s Allotment annual open day.

Following lots of hard work and collaboration Suaimhneas had very special day, topped off with a lively BBQ and awards ceremony where Suaimhneas was awarded 1st place for ‘Best Turned Around Plot’. Congratulations to all.

A huge thank you to the Maintenance Team from the Darndale/Belcamp Village Centre who helped Suaimhneas to erect their fabulous new fence.  Suaimhneas members have loved popping down to their allotment for fresh air, home-grown produce and to very much feel part of the St. Anne’s Allotment Community; and that’s without the all the physical and mental health benefits!

Well done to everyone involved, particularly the St. Anne’s Allotment Committee for a fantastic day – your hard work, passion and dedication is much appreciated....and of course, congratulations to Suaimhneas once again!


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