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Beat The Street 

EVE Centre Results

The Beat the Street challenge is a fun, free game for the community of Dublin to see how far you can walk, cycle and run around your area. Every journey you make adds to your total, your team's and the total of the whole community. The initiative was set up for the whole community to get involved in. It ran from the 13th of September until the 1st of November.

This initiative is set up on behalf of Dublin City Sports & Wellbeing Partnership, Dublin City Council, Healthy Ireland, The Dormant Accounts Fund and Sports Ireland.

EVE Goirtín registered a team with The Beat the Street Challenge in September and went out every day walking, trying to tag onto as many points around the city as possible. Their team was quite small but that didn’t stop them. The tag points are located on lamp posts at various locations around Dublin North and Dublin South. Goirtín were all very proud having achieved 9th out of a total of 62 entries. This was based on their average score in the competition.

After 6 weeks of walking and tapping, EVE Thomas Court were proud to say their team came in 2nd place on the average points and in 15th place overall.

Here is an account from one of the Thomas Court participants about their experience of Beat the Street:

“We had to walk to the beat the street machines, which were all over Dublin. They were a ½ mile apart and we would have to tag on them with the cards which we were supplied in the centre. I found it was good for my mental and physical health. I really enjoyed it and I found I didn’t smoke while walking and I walked fast too. I inhaled a lot of oxygen and my lungs opened up; I feel my breathing has improved and my muscles feel more toned. I enjoyed parks like Stephen’s Green and the Phoenix Park. The scenery was beautiful. We went into the city centre a lot and all over different places. When you tagged the machine, you accumulated points. I really enjoyed doing this and I felt great benefit from doing it.” EVE Thomas Court Participant


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