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EVE Estuary

First ‘Green Flag’ Application

EVE Estuary have completed their application for their first Green Flag and are waiting to hear if they have been successful. All in EVE are so proud (no matter the results) of the progress that Estuary have made over the last few months.

In October 2016 the idea of working towards a Green Flag for Estuary was brought up at their weekly assembly. The idea was met with great enthusiasm and participants were asked to nominate themselves for a position on the committee.

The main problem area of Estuary was around the grounds of the building. Some of the black spot zones were in areas where people gathered on the patio area and around the poly tunnels for the garden class. Cigarette butts, disposable cups, cigarette boxes and disposable rubber gloves were some of the main items of litter that were found during clean up days.

Estuary assigned litter wardens to assess these areas regularly and held clean up days every few months. They also reminded everyone weekly at the centre group meetings about their responsibility to try and keep the centre clean.

Estuary’s Green Code

As part of their application Estuary needed to create a ‘Green Code’ for their centre.

Estuary wanted their Green Code to inspire everyone to stick with the project and to give people suggestion on how they can help out. During one of their committee meetings they decided upon the word environment as their starting point and brainstormed what they thought each letter could represent and what important messages they needed to share with everyone. To read their Green Code and the full article go to

We are excited to hear back from An Taisce and we will let you know how Estuary got on as soon as they get the results.


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