Saol Clubhouse Present

Face-to-Face Exhibition

Saol Clubhouse will launch their 'Face-to-Face' protrait photography exhibition tomorrow, Thursday 31st May, at 2pm in the Cabra Library. Admission is free and all are welcome. Light refreshments will be served. RSVP to

The exhibition will continue to run for the month of June where it is hoped that the conversation about mental health is continued and kept to the forefront of peoples minds.  

This exhibition showcases art by local artists from Saol Clubhouse. The exhibition encompasses different media types, with the primary focus on the portraits.


The theme in the portraits is that “we are just people”. You can’t tell by looking at us who has experienced mental health difficulties and who hasn’t. And the truth is we will all experience mental health struggles at some stages in our lives.

By showing this lack of difference in these photographs, Saol Clubhouse hope to help combat some of the stigma associated with mental health difficulties. 


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