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Cairdeas Clubhouse 

Host ARI Event in Carlow

Cairdeas were delighted to be invited to attend the ARI Learning Set and ‘Brag and Steal’ event in the Seven Oaks hotel in Carlow. ARI stands for Advancing Recovery in Ireland and is a HSE initiative to make mental health services more recovery-focused.

Cairdeas members manned a stand for the brag and steal event. They gave out a lot of leaflets, talked about Cairdeas and the clubhouse model and displayed their poster for the event which they put a lot of work into. There were plenty of people interested in the clubhouse and some people were interested in how to set up a clubhouse in their area. We also represented EVE services at the event and Ronan, centre manager, spoke about them and provided material to people. Cairdeas also got to look at the other stands and speak to the people there and get information and leaflets from their services.

After the brag and steal Cairdeas members went to a workshop regarding personal stories and how to go about writing one. The presenter’s personal stories were interesting to hear. Cairdeas members felt that personal stories is a very powerful way to promote recovery and positive mental health.

After lunch we were all transformed into a choir by Sam the conductor from the Wicklow Choir group. This was really fun and sounded great – over 150 people singing together and it raised everyone’s spirits for the afternoon.

The second workshop Cairdeas members attended was all about recovery, what recovery means and how to obtain it. They heard from a consultant who said they were moving away from focusing on symptoms and treating them to focusing on the person which was refreshing to hear.

The event was very worthwhile and Cairdeas members went home tired but happy!

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