EVE Goirtín HUB presents

'Dreamtime Art Exhibition'

EVE Goirtín HUB are hosting an art exhibition in Cabra Library from Tuesday 7th August running until Thursday 30th August. The exhibition is open to all from 11am until 3pm daily.

The exhibition launch day is Tuesday 16th August form 11am until 2pm where light refreshments will be provided. Please RSVP Goirtín on (01) 8380952 / (086) 3199793 or email goirtin@eve.ie.   

The dreamtime project aims to inspire creativity and imagination in adults, recalling a past in which fairy tales, myths and legends provided a world of dreams and capture our imagination, as they have the capacity to remind us of the naivety of childhood and the comfort of magic and make believe.

The Dreamtime exhibition promoted learning experiences for participants through an interactive immersion in art and culture, creating magical experiences and alternative enchanting universes, encouraging a sense of fun and the use of imagination. Everyone has favourite stories from childhood and many of these are based on myths and legends so the artists from Goirtín were inspired by many and variant themes of stories from classical to modern day and have given them their own unique and visual form.

So now, Come with us into the world of pure imagination……………

To learn more about EVE Goirtín go to https://goirtineve.wordpress.com


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