EVE Factor

The EVE Factor finals 2011 take place today, Wednesday November 16th at 11am sharp, in Liberty Hall Theatre. This will be an entertaining day for all.

There are 25 finalists taking part today. These finalists have battled their way through south side and north side heats earlier this year and are now competing for the title of Winner of the EVE Factor 2011.

Part 1 will see 13 finalists battle it out. The 13 finalists are:

James Lennon, Rachel Gordon, Seamus McSeain, Tony Fallon, Karl Parker, Mary Ellis, Tina Sheilds, Fred Mulligan, Stepen, Elizabeth Quinn, Christine Looney, Stella Greena and Eddie Keegan.

Part 2 will see 12 finalists entertain the crowd. These 12 finalists are:

Sister Act, Christy Fagan, Grease, Tracy Doran, Peter Higgins, John Short, Regina Dempsey, Partick Tunstead, Liz Moffit, Claire Cannon, James Walsh & Joe McGrath.

Good luck!


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