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Re-assignment of Imelda Hartney

As a direct consequence of the transfer of the EVE & Tolco payroll onto the HSE payroll, Imelda Hartney will take up a new assignment in Merchants Quay from next week. Imelda has worked with us since 1985 and is someone the majority of staff in EVE and Tolco have come to know  in their time. She has enjoyed a very unique relationship with us all as the custodian of payroll and has always been most helpful to staff in expaining and resolving concerns regarding wages. On Wednesday 22nd February will took the opportunity to acknowledge her contribution and wished her well in her new assignment. As a valued member of the Administration team she will be missed by us all.

A note from Imelda:

I commenced on Friday 08/07/1985 at The Annex, St. Brendan’s Hospital. I shared an office with the Hospital Administrator, Mr. Jim Reidy, who was Secretary of the company Tolco Ltd. This Company was set up by the Health Board and consisted of three centres, Tolco North Road Finglas – now Airdnua, Tolco Ballyboggan Road – now Saol Clubhouse, Tolco Thomas Court Centre and five Hostels on the North Circular Road. My Job was A/c’s and Payroll, all done manually until a computer was introduced!

In 1991 EVE was set up and in 1992 small companies like Tolco, Mahylock, Lincara, GHIS, Chapelizod etc, all came under EVE with all employees transferring to EVE (just like now we have transferred to the HSE) and then my job became mostly payroll.

It has been very interesting to see how EVE has developed over the years with Margaret and her great team.


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