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My Ripple - Radio Advertisement Campaign

See Change's My Ripple radio awareness campaign involves a series of 30 and 60 second advertisements for national and regional radio that feature authentic, non-scripted content of real stories of people with experience of mental health problems, stigma and recovery in their own voice. 

"Where there's silence, there's stigma. Let's talk."
  • Voiceover by Eileen Dunne, RTE broadcaster and See Change ambassador.

  • Auidences will be encouraged to post a message of support, stopry of personal experience or pledge against stigma on See Change's online, story-sharing 'Make a Ripple' portal. 
  • All audio files will be availabel on  

Vision: Our vision is that by sharing personal stories, radio audiences will be touched, not just as passive listeners but inspired to act and take a personal role in opeining-up conversation about mental health problems and challenging stigma, making ripples from one individual to the next until a large community of people are engaged on the issue and attitude changes can organically begin.

Rational: The personal stories of those who have experienced mental health problems and the associated stigma have the power to change peoples' attitudies towards mental health problems.


  1. The 'My Ripple' campaign will apply social contact theory to the medium of radio, creating multiple opportunities for radio audiences to be touched by the personal stories of people with self-experience of mental health problems.


  2. By sharing the stories from individuals who are representative of See Change's target groups, it is hoped that the campaign's message will be easily relatable to our key audenices: people in the workplace; young men in the 18-24 age group; farmers and people living in rural communities and 35-45 year olds with children.

  3. Social media will play a role in facilitating the spread of these authentic stories in a 'ripple effect' among our key audiences as well as pro-active engagement with our key messages.

Broadcast information:     My Ripple will be aired in two 2 week brusts from April 23rd to May 6th & September 10th to 23rd.



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