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Creating Contexts for Recovery in Mental Health Services.

A Start-Up Guide for New Clubhouses

The EVE Clubhouse Forum recently welcomed Minister Kathleen Lynch to Rainbow Clubhouse, Ballyfermot where she launched their practical Start-Up Guide to support those interested in establishing the highly successful Clubhouse model of service. The Start Up Guide was compiled by the EVE Clubhouse Forum, a coalition of EVE’s six Clubhouses, and is designed to support and guide those who wish to establish a new Clubhouse or re-configure an existing service.

Born from the benefit of experience and the lessons learnt over the past thirteen years running Clubhouses, the EVE Forum wrote this practical guide which members stated they hope will
“provide a useful and practical resource to those who wish to establish new Clubhouses and change the way community services are delivered to people who use the mental health services. From our own experience, Clubhouse is different, it gave us back control, our own say in our own lives, many of us now are living a full life in our local community, attending courses, working, socialising again all with the support of our Clubhouse. We have learnt to hope again for our futures”

Speaking at the launch Minister Kathleen Lynch said Recovery is about empowering people to regain control of their lives. What I particularly like about the Clubhouse model is its value base which holds that “recovery is possible”. I like the fact that it is a non-medical model which sees the person and not the illness”.   The Minister continued “Getting more communities involved in starting up the Clubhouse model in their area will undoubtedly help break down barriers, reduce stigma and help people work towards recovery and regain their independence

Interest in Clubhouse has grown dramaticallyand it is now recognised as is a quality assured international model of service, endorsed by the Mental Health Commission (Annual Report 2002), the NESF in their report on Mental Health and Social Inclusion 2007, the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA) for their register for evidence-based practice on the basis of outcomes achieved for employment, quality of life and recovery and by the Day Service Review Group in their recently published New Directions report 2012.

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For a copy of the Clubhouse Start-Up Guide click here.


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