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Aware 5km Walk

Aware 5km Walk

Two members from Platinum Clubhouse in Newbridge, Michael McL and Michael B. did a 5 km walk around Newbridge in aid of Aware on Friday 9th December 2022.

The members purchased their own tickets online from the Aware website.

These two men braved the freezing cold weather and hacked through snowy conditions to complete the obligation that they had made to the ‘Aware Christmas fundraiser’.

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Their route took them from Platinum Clubhouse to St. Clonleth’s Bridge in Newbridge with a lap around the industrial estate and then back to the Platinum Clubhouse. On their return Platinum members met them with a warm welcome, tea and coffee and a good lunch. When asked why they got involved in this charity walk, they Replied:-

“Hopefully people will benefit from what we and many others have done today.”

All Staff and members are so proud of these two men. For more information on Platinum Clubhouse, follow their social medial platforms:

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