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Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 1997 (FOI Act) establishes three new statutory rights:

  • A legal right for each person to access information held by public bodies.
  • A legal right for each person to have official information relating to him/herself amended where it is incomplete, incorrect or misleading.
  • A legal right for each person to obtain reasons for decisions affecting him/herself.

The Act asserts the right of members of the public to obtain access to official information to the greatest extent possible consistent with the public interest and the right to privacy of individuals.

EVE undertakes to protect any information provided to it by individuals or others on a confidential basis, subject to EVE obligations under law, including the Freedom of Information Act 1997. If, for any reason, it is wished that information provided to EVE should not be disclosed because of its sensitive nature, the person or body should when supplying the information make clear this wish and specify the reasons for the information sensitivity. EVE will consult with any individual or body so supplying sensitive information before making a decision on any Freedom of Information request received.

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