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Conaí Clubhouse EVE

About Conaí 

Conaí Clubhouse is a recovery oriented service for people living with mental health issues. We are ideally located in the heart of Blanchardstown village.

The Clubhouse is run by the members and staff in partnership. We believe that every member has the potential to sufficiently recover from the effects of mental illness to lead a personally satisfying life as an integrated member of society.

Members attend the Clubhouse and find meaningful work and relationships as well as connections to employment, education and socialisation. Each persons recovery process is unique.


­To learn more about Conaí Clubhouse please watch the video below: 


What is Clubhouse?

A Clubhouse is a programme of support for individuals on their road to recovery. It is a community that offers individuals hope and the opportunity to achieve their full potential. Clubhouse is a non-medical model and therefore the focus is on a person’s strengths, talents and abilities, rather than their illness. Clubhouse provides an environment of support and acceptance, and is committed to enabling individuals to live full and productive lives as active citizens in their community.


Our Approach

Our clubhouse currently has 2 work spaces - Business & Community and Catering & Maintenance.

The work in the units is so varied with activities including;

  • Hosting and chairing meetings
  • Running a healthy option cookery session
  • Stock checking
  • Grounds and allotment maintenance
  • Hosting meetings
  • Researching activities/speakers/social trips
  • Linking in with employers
  • And so much more...


What Conaí members say

“I get to know something about myself that’s positive and I get to know others. I don’t feel isolated from the world as much when I attend the Clubhouse. I also like the journey there and back. I get to know Dublin better. I find that positive. I forget everything, I don’t think of anything. It’s a new day for me at the Clubhouse.” – Stephen

“I had a breakdown some years back. I have fully recovered and Conaí has played a major part.” – Christy

“Conaí is a shining star, beckoning me from a dark night. It is a base of security. It makes me stronger, getting me out of myself. It gives me order, structure and security. Its people mean the world to me.” – Liz M


How to apply

Membership is available for adults age 18 year and up. Please contact us on 01-8053472 if you or someone you know would like a tour or more information.


Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday: 8.30am – 4.00pm

Friday: 8.30am – 3.00pm

Several late night openings per month



Conaí Clubhouse

Warren house

Main street Blanchardstown

Dublin 15


Contact Details

Tel: 01 8053472

Mobile: 0863102077 





(087) 8258674 (Apply for Services / Client Referrals) (01) 415 6821 (General enquiries)
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