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What is Slánú?

Slánú is EVE's support and development department.

What does Slánú offer?

In complementing existing services within EVE, Slánú plays a supportive role in facilitating service participants achieve their self-determined goals in the context of a person-centred / recovery plan. To this end, the service aims to assist service participants to use and develop personal resources and access community supports. The members of Slánú provide short-term, focused and needs-driven professional interventions to service participants and offer a consultation service to EVE service personnel.

In addition, Slánú is involved in the development of innovative programmes and research initiatives.

Membership of Slánú:

Tom O'Brien  - Principal Psychologist (Team Leader) 
Greg Stynes  - Senior Psychologist 

How is the Slánú team accessed?

The Slánú team is based in Brú Chaoimhín, Cork Street, Dublin 8 and can be accessed by EVE centre personnel, in consultation with service participants.

(087) 8258674 (Apply for Services / Client Referrals) (01) 415 6821 (General enquiries)
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