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Suaimhneas Clubhouse - Green Ribbon Event

Suaimhneas Clubhouse - Green Ribbon Event

Suaimhneas Clubhouse are hsoting an "Untangle Your Thoughts" event for Green Ribbon Month

Suaimhneas have planned an event in St. Anne’s Park Raheny on May 1st at 11.00am (All Saints Road entrance at 12 mid-day) to promote the Green Ribbon Campaign.

It’s entitled “Untangle Your Thoughts” and will invite people to free themselves of negative thoughts by replacing them with positive ones. The aim of this event is to promote the campaign to as many people as possible in our (soon to be) new community of Raheny. 

We have been granted permission from Dublin City Council to use a small section of the park for our exhibition.

It will consist of two sections of trees – one chaotically decorated with green ribbons and string which will represent tangled thoughts. The other section will be decorated in a more calm, thoughtful way representing untangled thoughts.

People will be asked to write any negative thoughts they may have had on tags and hang them on the tangled section and then write new positive thoughts or affirmations and place them in the untangled section.

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