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Rainbow Clubhouse Accreditation

Clubhouse International Accreditation Process is Going Strong!

Participation in Clubhouse International Accreditation is an expression of a Clubhouse’s commitment to excellence, and its willingness to engage in a process of self-reflection and quality improvement. It is a challenging and demanding process, but more and more Clubhouses around the world are finding that Accreditation is inspiring, engaging, and motivating them to work hard to provide the best possible opportunities for their members.

Rainbow Clubhouse recently had their accreditation vist and were successful in attaining their three year accreditation. They appreciate the tremendous value of Accreditation - both as a quality assurance tool and as a powerful means of quality improvement. They featured in Clubhouse International's February newsletter....congratulations to all who were involved in preparting for the visit and the visit itself. 

Rainbow    Rainbow 3

Clubhouse International are excited by the energy, enthusiasm, and growth that Clubhouse International Accreditation is bringing to Clubhouses around the world. They have said that they "applaud all of our member Clubhouses for their willingness to engage in this demanding but enriching peer review process!"

To find out more about Rainbow Clubhouse visit their Facebook page @RainbowClubhouse or their Instagram @rainbowclubhousedublin

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