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Cairdeas Clubhouse Meet with Local Councillors - Bray Area Partnership Disability Network

Cairdeas Clubhouse, as part of the Bray Area Partnership (BAP) Disabililty Network, were delighted to be present at the meeting with local councillors from the Bray and Greystones area in Bray Lakers new building on Friday 8th November.  Marisa and Ronan gave a short presentation on employent challenges for people with diabilities and mental health issues, along with some key asks in this area for councillors.

There was a good turnout of people at the  event which which was a follow up to the Speed Lobby Event in May where Cairdeas Clubhouse met prospective councillors to ask them what they would do in areas such as housing, education, employment and accessibilties for people with disabilities, including mental health.

The event involved several groups including Bray Lakers, BAP, Sunbeam services, Festina Lente, Cairdeas and Rehabcare, as well as councillors from the Bray and Greystones area to discuss ways in which to improve services for people with mental health difficulties and disabilities. Some of the topics discussed and presentations at the event included health, education, housing, employment and the rights of the disabled.

It was a very worthwhile occasion. Cairdeas Clubhouse got to meet lots of interesting people and hopefully make a change for the better for their community and their services.

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