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Music in Mind celebrates World Mental Health Day

Harvest & Platinum Music in Mind Success

To contribute to World Mental Health Day, the National Concert Hall is proud to release the following video showcasing the experience of Harvest Centre & Platinum Clubhouse, one of our Music in Mind groups based in Kildare. While this video captures the experience of one particular group, we hope it can help share with the wider world the benefits and joys of music that are being created and experienced in all of your centres through the Music in Mind programme.

Music In Mind

Full video at

In addition, participant Gerry Casey from the Melting Pot in Roscommon shared with the NCH his personal account of joining a Music in Mind programme:

"The Music in Mind Programme really helped lift my mood every week when we met up. I have more confidence now working in a group and it gave me a great sense of achievement to sing as part of a choir and get over my stage fright."

You can read Gerry’s full interview at

Finally, in conjunction with Mental Health Ireland the NCH released a report earlier this year on the Music in Mind programme, which highlights the benefits of the programme as revealed through all your evaluation materials and packets.  Using data from the Spring 2017 through Spring 2018 programmes, the report shows an average increase of 6.35 points from the WEMWBS pre-programme scale to the post-programme scale, which is incredible! 

The full “Music in Mind Interim Review” is available to read from our Music in Mind webpage at

Congratulations to both Harvest Centre HUB and Platinum Clubhouse for such a sucessful programme. Well done!

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